My Dr Foster

Connected healthcare and actionable insights

Just as health and care systems are evolving to meet the needs of the patients and the public, Dr Foster has evolved to meet the needs of those systems.

Our services

We provide solutions to your health and care challenges in three key areas.

Our services

In order to realise the vision of connected healthcare constrained by limited resources, we recognise that value is key. We can ensure the most efficient use of those resources by providing relevant, timely and accurate insight.

Our starting point is data and we bring this data to life – turning figures into actionable insights. These insights are vital in tackling the challenges facing the healthcare sector. We enable clinicians to make better, faster decisions, ensuring patients have access to the right treatment when they need it.

If healthcare services are to be truly integrated, it is essential that data is connected across both health and social care. With this interoperability at the heart of Dr Foster’s services, we can work towards improving the health of the population by identifying conditions that require greater intervention in the community, improving quality and patient outcomes, and thereby reducing cost and efficiency pressures on acute hospital services.

By using data to its full potential, we can maximise clinical acumen and shape the way healthcare is delivered to each and every patient.

Working in partnership

We work closely with a number of key partners and affiliates to ensure we are at the forefront of digital health and technology.

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