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Our teams

We foster talented, pioneering teams with a strong focus on understanding and supporting customer needs.

Our staff has a wealth of experience in healthcare, data and insight, advanced analytics, data science, and technology.

You can find our customer-facing teams in this section but we also have a broader range of teams and talented people, including a larger analytical team, delivering our services.

  • Tom Binstead

    Tom Binstead

    Strategy and Analytics Director

    Exploring and developing new ways for healthcare organisations and systems to measure, monitor and improve the quality and efficiency of service provision through advanced analytics and visualisation.

  • Leesa Ewing

    Leesa Ewing

    Commercial Director

    Connecting health care providers and commissioners with Dr Foster’s uniquely powerful breadth of capabilities and expertise, bringing data to life, improving the health of the population and shaping the way healthcare is delivered to all.

  • Paul Hermolle

    Paul Hermolle

    Technical Development Director

    Dedicated to adopting pioneering technology and techniques to provide more flexible, interoperable solutions for health and care organisations.

  • Venus Simbulan-Fenwick

    Venus Simbulan-Fenwick

    Marketing Director

    Sharing best practice standards in healthcare quality and efficiency for the transformation of care and the safety of our population’s health and wellbeing.

  • Peter Younger

    Peter Younger

    Finance Manager

    Facilitating the alignment of our products and services to meet the needs of healthcare organisations now and into the future.

  • Steve Middleton

    Steve Middleton

    Director of Innovation

    Creating new performance indicators and visualisations that provide greater insight for NHS executives, managers and clinicians.

  • Shalini Jagdeo

    Shalini Jagdeo

    Senior Business Development Manager

    Supporting and working with our colleagues in the NHS to use data to make well-informed decisions more quickly and efficiently.

  • Andy Branch

    Andy Branch

    Head of Special Projects

    Working with clients to get the most from the available data and resources. Developing innovative approaches to answer the pressing questions using existing facilities.

  • Victoria Butcher

    Victoria Butcher

    Senior Consultant

    Supporting customers to use the Dr Foster tools effectively and to turn data into actionable insight.

  • Penny Booysen

    Penny Booysen

    Senior Consultant

    Having conversations about clinical practice based on NHS experience and using data as a starting point for improvement in healthcare organisations by looking at whole pathways of care.

  • Ben Jones

    Ben Jones

    Business Insight Manager

    Working with the NHS to provide insight into clinical data and effective benchmarking capability to support improved outcomes.

  • Matthew Parry

    Matthew Parry

    Senior Consultant

    Supporting customers to generate actionable insight and developing propositions focusing on quality and patient safety analysis and insight.

  • Anna Roger

    Anna Roger

    Senior Consultant

    Understanding and supporting improved mortality processes and outcomes, stakeholder engagement, broader service improvement and providing bespoke training.

  • Lorna Barclay

    Lorna Barclay

    Lead Research Analyst

    Using data science and machine learning to help NHS organisations plan for the future by providing an understanding of their patient population, insights into future performance and outcomes and ultimately supporting them in improving patient care.

  • Sarah Pemberton

    Sarah Pemberton

    Lead Research Analyst

    Specialise in supporting healthcare organisations to have a greater understanding of their population through system wide advanced analytics

  • Gill Williams

    Gill Williams

    Support & Insight Executive

    Providing technical and analytical support and insight to enable customers to turn data into decisions.

  • Sophie Stevenson

    Sophie Stevenson

    Junior Consultant

    Providing insight, technical and analytical support, to enable healthcare organisations to turn data into decisions, improving performance.