Dr Foster Health Luminary Awards 2020

Innovation with data

We are asking a series of questions to find out more about how you’ve implemented your project or innovation using data within your organisation or local area. This is a more general category that is open to any NHS organisation or integrated care system but we also have a separate, more specific category for obstetrics & gynaecology services in NHS trusts.

Submission questions

  • What was the project attempting to tackle or improve?
  • What data sources did you use for the project or innovation?
  • What were the intended outcomes of the
 project or innovation?
  • Can you demonstrate with measurable
 evidence how the outcomes have been or are being achieved?
  • How is the project or innovation engaging or benefiting patients?
  • How is the project or innovation 
being adopted across the organisation or local area?
  • Is there any additional information you'd like to provide to supplement your entry?

Criteria and scoring

Criteria Score
Innovation How innovative is the project - is it new or has it been done before and has it been improved upon? 30
Impact Was the potential impact mapped out in advance? 20
Evidence Is there measurable evidence of the impact and success evaluated? 30
Patient/ Stakeholder engagement Has there been patient and stakeholder engagement in the design and evaluation of the project? 10
Adoption Has this been embraced by the organisation / involved parties? Could it be easily replicated elsewhere? 10
Total 100

How to enter

You can enter the ‘innovation through use of data’ category for the Dr Foster Health Luminary 2021 awards here.

We recommend that you save your response text in Word or another programme before completing the form to avoid losing any content. Each question response should be no more than 500 words.

You can also submit up to five supporting documents to support your entry.