Happy new year from your Dr Foster team, with new product launches

Against the backdrop of the continued challenge that NHS is facing, we at Dr Foster have been working behind the scenes to continue to support our customers – and enhance your experience of our Dr Foster products and services.  

20 Jan 2021 | 1 min read

We’ve listened to your feedback and requests over the past year and are thrilled to share that we are evolving Dr Foster’s Healthcare Intelligence Portal and are launching our next-generation platform of services, InFocus+ coming soon. 

Customers will benefit from an InFocus solution suite that:  

  • Is intuitive and easy to use, and the visuals easy to follow: This in turn makes it easy to identify areas of opportunity and extract key insights for clinical and operational performance improvement 
  • Makes the complex simple: Complexity has been removed so users no longer need to spend time and effort sifting through data to get to the insights they need 
  • Flexible to make you future-ready: Metrics can be designed for your specific requirements, and InFocus+ has the flexibility to create new ones as your requirements change – even if it is from a new data source.  
  • Configurable: The tool is designed so that it can be configured to individual users’ preferences and requirements, regardless of role or level 

You will also see our new Dr Foster Portal, which brings together your Dr Foster tools, personalised content and the latest information about healthcare in the UK.  

We’re excited to continue helping our customers improve their organisation’s performance, achieve better outcomes for patients and manage their population’s health.